Focused on making clinical cytology more user-friendly, affordable, efficient to use, and environmentally safe. 


FDA and EU certified, and registered ISO 13485: 2016 QMS.


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Liqui-PREP® Reagents provide the opportunity to start preserving specimens upon collection. This requires less steps than your typical protocol and allows for or something similar to end it.

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Increased Productivity

Using Liqui-PREP® Reagents can reduce time per slide in half. The Auto-LP® PRO is a complete walk away specimen processing instrument enhancing technician productivity.

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Professional Training

LGM International offers training through instructional worksheets, video and live streaming for our Auto-LP® PRO and Auto-LP® Stainer. Our staff are also available through email or phone calls.

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Expandable Platforms

Some labs feel, automation is essential, but for others it’s not cost-effective. You may automate your high-volume samples but manually process others with Liqui-PREP® YOU decide what works best in your lab.

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Global Sales

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Environmentally Safe

Liqui-PREP® ships as a non-hazmat product. This not only keeps shipping costs low it also makes disposal as easy as pouring it down the drain without worrying about the effects on the environment.

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Manufactured Under an ISO 13485: 2016 registered Quality Management System

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