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About LGM International Inc.

LGM International Inc. is a private medical device manufacturing firm founded in Fort Lauderdale, Florida in early 2002.  Its founders are seasoned medical device professionals with extensive backgrounds in R&D, project management, production, distribution, quality systems and sales and marketing.  While all US citizens they also developed their careers extensive knowledge of the diverse and uniquely distinct various international markets.  Their knowledge base included experience in the clinical laboratory, the practice of care for various disease states and the complex socio-economic factors impacting the medical standard of care worldwide. All of this diverse knowledge was utilized to design a product line that would have worldwide appeal.

As the world population ages, the impact of cancer on many peoples lives continues to grow with greater consequences on healthcare costs and human suffering.  Today with many cancers; if detected early enough, the outcome can be positive and the cost to society and family minimized.

At LGM International Inc. we are focused on making clinical cytology more user-friendly, affordable, efficient to use, and environmentally safe with an expandable platform design so it can fit into the simplest or most complex clinical laboratories around the world.

Our goal is to maximize our quality and provide comprehensive training and education on a global basis to expand the knowledge and skill sets of our clients around the world.

We will develop technology to meet customer’s needs when no cost-effective alternative exists.  We will deliver this technology through our global partnerships.

european in vitro diagnostics directive 98/79/ec

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